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Ken Schneider, BS -65, M. Eng. (Elect) - 66, PhD-70


In reading my good friend Steve Appell’s article on music during our years on the Hill, I was transplanted back to my afternoons in the Ivy Room. If I had time in the late afternoon, after classes, I would head there for a break - maybe enjoy a snack while I scanned a Cornell Daily Sun that had been discarded. I so enjoyed listening to the music from the juke box - though I must admit I never put a single coin into it.

Of course, my introduction to popular music at Cornell did not begin in the old Ivy Room. It began in the old “Barf Bar”- the Cafeteria on the first floor of University Hall #1.  Actually, the “Barf Bar” had the formal name of “Baker Cafeteria.” But we freshmen knew it only by this familiar, affectionate name. How could I ever forget the endless playing of “Hit the Road Jack” and “Runaround Sue?” The “Barf Bar” was really not a bad Cafeteria. In retrospect, “Fred of the Barf” was an excellent short-order cook. I remember him oh so well laboring over the grill with his chef’s hat. To this day I think he made the best waffles that I have ever had. True, they were smothered in butter and maybe this is why I take Lipitor - but they tasted really good on a cold Ithaca morning to a nervous, young, engineering student, before he had to trudge up the Hill to Rockefeller or Upson or Phillips or wherever. These waffles were particularly good with a cup of “Barf Bar” coffee- really weak but who cared- flavored by cream “a la Tetrapak”- remember?

Anyway, my recent daydreaming on the subject of music during my years at Cornell has led me to thoughts of the many recording artists that Steve mentioned in his article- also to the many artists that came before and influenced them and also some that came after the Class of ’65 had left but while I was still at Cornell. Let us not forget that Woodstock did have a direct Cornell connection- and from our time.

Stimulated by Steve's excellent article I went out and collected over 300 photos of all of the artists who gave us such good listening, those from our time on the Hill, those who paved the way from them in pop music before and those who came just after- in other words when I was still in Grad School at Cornell. You will also see some of the DJ’s and promoters who brought them to us and some who released topical comic records. Unfortunately, the limits of the space for our website do not allow me to display them. But, if you would like to see a specific one on request drop me an e-mail at along with your Up Close and Personal ( if you have not already sent one in). Look forward to hearing from you.